Whitening of the teeth is a simple and easy way to improve your appearance.

Impressions of the teeth are made, which allow a positive stone model of the patient’s teeth to be made. From that model, a custom fitted slip cover is vacuum formed and a delivery tray is made for the patient to use to deliver whitening gel directly to their teeth. At a subsequent appointment, a quick start whitening session is done in the office and the patient is instructed on how to insert and remove the tray as well as load it with the gel and properly clean and store it while it is not in use.

The gel is usually worn in the tray at night while the patient is asleep to minimize the flow of saliva that would wash the whitening gel out of the tray. Wearing the tray at night for 14 consecutive nights will usually get the optimal results and maximize the patient’s whitening potential of their teeth. Daytime wearing is also possible as the tray is barely noticeable in the mouth, and the whitening process can be accelerated.