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I was perfectly fine with my previous dentist but Dr. Dropkin and his staff were receiving such high praise from friends and colleagues that I had to give him a try. And he indeed exceeded expectations. His calm, informative, and thorough approach to his examinations go far beyond any dentist I’ve met in my life.

Byron Tobias


To anyone that is looking to Dr. Dropkin for dental work, I have been using Dr. Dropkin for my dental work for three years now and he has always taken care of my needs in a very professional manner. That’s why when I get a chance to refer him to someone, I do not hesitate. Each time Dr. Dropkin did some dental work, he would personally follow up with a phone call that night to make sure that there were no problems or complications. When there was an issue and discomfort, Dr. Dropkin set up an appointment at the earliest convenience for the client and not himself. Ken Graves

President, D&G general Contracting

I have had the pleasure of taking my son, Jonathan, to Dr. Dropkin for various dental procedures. I am most impressed with the professional manner in which he receives patients into his office. Contessia is courteous and friendly with every patient and family member as you enter the office. Dr. Dropkin is very thorough and patient in explaining a diagnosis, treatment and procedures recommended. I will be happy to recommend Dr. Dropkin to the many clients and family members that will need professional dental care in the future. Thomas J. Walyus

Patient, Winter Park, FL

Dr. Dropkin, you are the best! Working with you has been an absoulute pleasure! Not only am I incredibly impressed with your professional skills, I am equally impressed with your business practices. All of my clients have spoken of you with praise! Knowing that I can send them to you without hesitation is my greatest blessing! I tell all of my TGX business owners, because of what I do, our reputations will blend. I am proud to have my name synonymous with yours. Juliana Ormond

Director of Business Development , Global Xchange

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